Shiplap Decor Ideas


How to decorate with shiplap

Have you been considering the popular barnhouse style of decor? Shiplap works for that! There are many ways you can pull this look off and enjoy the rustic look without going overboard. Here are some of our favorite shiplap ideas to try in your home.

What does shiplap look like?


Shiplap, long horizontal (sometimes vertical) panels of wood formed by overlapping notches called rabbets were initially used on the exteriors of barns and houses as siding. These wooden planks were waterproof and would protect against the seawater and rain. It was inexpensive and often used as insulation before drywall was introduced.

Open Concept Room

Open Room Concept Shiplap

Using shiplap in an open concept space can help unify the space. It is incredibly versatile and can also be used on the ceiling to help accentuate the height of the room. You can also create a sense of scale by paneling a wall to a particular height, creating an exciting appeal.

Accent Walls

Accent Wall

Accent walls or focal walls have been around for decades; using shiplap is a great way to bring texture to any space. Decorate a wall that needs more definition, or that needs a bit of sprucing up. The beauty of shiplap is that you can customize it with your decorating style. Staining, painting, and distressing are just a few ways to make it unique. (Tip: it is best to paint or stain the boards before installation.)


Shiplap Bathroom

This light tan shiplap brings a simplistic but modern look to this bathroom. Since shiplap is waterproof, it is an excellent material to add to any bathroom. The dark hardware from the barn door pairs well with the dark faucets and hardware. Open wall shelving will help take your new look even further, making your bathroom look bigger.

Behind the Fireplace

Shiplap Fireplace

Build out the space behind your fireplace to make a bold focal point. Installing shiplap on your fireplace wall will add an architectural element to the room. Here the dark mantel paired with the black brick pull your eyes towards the shiplap wall that is beautifully framed. Extending the shiplap to the wainscoting helps finish the look.


Attic or Loft

Older homes tend to make use of the attic space, giving bedrooms a slanted ceiling. Covering these slanted walls with white painted or stained shiplap will help brighten up and extend the area, making it look bigger than it is. Leaving a nice gap between each board creates an airy feel and emphasizes the horizontal or vertical accent of the boards.

The great thing about shiplap is how versatile it is. You can create pieces of art with it or hang it up on every wall of your home. Whatever you choose to do don't be afraid to get creative and make sure to check out our Pinterest page for more creative shiplap ideas!

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